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Since 1998 J.R SHEAR has been producing innovative products and today, we are one of the TOP 10 leading manufacturers & exporters of barber shears and pet grooming shears.

OK fine, that's all... We don't want to talk about more about us in this way...

We've been always telling our stories prudently, because no one's interested in knowing ZHOU, the founder of J.R SHEAR, who has been working as the apprentice in a JAPANESE shear factory in Guangzhou since he is 16 years old.

We always believe that every great success comes from the experience accumulated over many years of tradition. Our expertise in the field of metal processing allows us to combine tradition with new CNC technologies. So yes! Innovation through Industry 4.0, robotics, CNC digital machinery is meaningless if it is not based on the expertise accumulated over many years of experience.




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